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Lifestyle Newborn Photography


Hey y'all! I'm Tracy! I am so honored that you're considering me as your newborn photographer. These sessions are where my heart happiest and what I love most in my work. I love stepping into the home of a newborn babe and feeling the excitement, the joy and sweet newness of your little baby. 

Having three little ones myself, I know how fast babies grow and how important it is to capture your newborn during those first few days of life as they are changing ever so quickly and time to fleeting. I want each of my newborn sessions to be relaxed, peaceful, and fun for the family. I strive to cultivate sweet moments between the baby and family that are natural, organic, and absolutely beautiful. I will help to pose your family in areas of your house that are best for lighting, however some of my favorite moments to capture are those that are completely candid - that are real, authentic and show this new stage of life. 

I would be more than honored to document these precious early newborn days for you and your family. 


I'll capture moments of you snuggling your baby, family photos, nursery photos, photos of baby's little features, baby in the crib and/or blanket. This session is relaxed, candid, and is aimed to document this sweet new life at home in your arms! 


Typically these session are 1-2 hours. This length of time ensures that we can take breaks in order for baby to have any diaper changes, be bed, burped, swaddle or even give your toddler a break. My Sessions are never rushed. I stay until we get the shots needed to create a beautiful gallery of images. 


The safest place possible - in your arms at your home. Your sweet baby is brand new and so tender, so I love capturing them at home. It is very authentic and a real way to document these early days. I include a prep guide that includes helpful tips on how to prepare your home that I send out prior to your session.


Ideally I like to capture newborns between 6-21 days old to really capture their sleepiness and newness. We can either schedule a date either in advance of your due date or we can wait to schedule once baby has arrived. You will just email me within 48 hours of the arrive. If momma or baby needs more time to recover after delivery we can always shift out the session to be anytime in the first month or so. My newborn session typically take place on weekday mornings. 


Approximately 60+ edited, high resolution images. Each image edited to look beautiful and dreamy! All images will be personalized in an online gallery with instant download ability from your computer or home. You can print and share your images wherever you'd like! You can also get print through my personal high quality photo lab if you would like to print them directly from your gallery. 


I know! I, too have three little ones who don't always sit still for photos but that is what makes lifestyle photography and these types of newborn sessions amazing. I'm going to capture fun moments that are adorable, candid and how their personality in the photos. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get toddlers and kiddos to enjoy their photo session! So don't stress....let your kids be kids. That's the sweetest, purest and most precious thing about them!


$600 which also includes access to my mother's client closet with lots of beautiful dresses for post baby mommas, full gallery of 60+ images, prep guide and available for styling questions. I ask for a $75 retainer to hold your session date, this goes towards the full session price. The remainder is due the day of the session. It is best to book your session between 12-20 weeks to make sure to hold your due date in my schedule. 

I want to freeze time for you in the room where you feed your baby in the middle of the high, the crib where baby first sleeps, in the living room where you play with older children while the newest babe sleeps in your arms....let's document these days together in an authentic beautiful way. If this all sounds perfect for you, you can inquire here with your due date. 

When baby arrives, you can let me know 48-72 hours in advance and we will get your session date on the calendar! It's that easy :) Hope to be a part of this special time. 

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